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Risk Management Basics
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Successful crypto trading isn’t about making incredible returns every time you open a position.

It’s about managing to stay in the game day in, day out, without taking on unnecessary losses.

That’s how you make incredible returns. Not by lucking out on single trades, but by having a smart strategy that stacks the odds in your favor.

In this video, we’ll explain why risk management is arguably the most important skill in crypto trading; go over basic risk management concepts; teach you a few simple formulas you’ll use often as a trader.

We’ll start by covering why risk management is so necessary.

Skills upgrade
Strategic thinking
Preparing to biuld you first trading strategy.
Tools & instruments
Risk management.
Risk management
Stop losses. Trading execution.
Risk analysis
Trading analysis.
Samuel McCulloch
Head of Adara Academy & Trading division. Professional crypto trader with experience in capital markets, options and futures trading.
Chapter 1
Risk Management: Why & Basic Terms
In this lesson, we cover the fundamentals you need to make an effective risk management strategy. This includes concepts like entry price, stop loss and risk - as well as basic calculations. By the end of the video, you'll understand what risk management is, why it's necessary, and how to use it effectively.
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8 minutes
Chapter 2
Stop-Loss Orders: Types & Execution
In lesson 2, we move forward and talk about stop losses. We cover 4 order types, give tips on using them effectively, and go over common stop loss mistakes that can ruin an effective risk management strategy.
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1 video
19 minutes
Chapter 3
Managing Drawdowns
A drawdown is a decline in your fund size. Taking on large drawdowns can cost you tremendously, and in this lesson, we'll explain how you can prevent them. We'll also offer strategies for recovering from losses.
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17 minutes
Chapter 4
Calculations & Concepts
The previous several lessons cover risk management fundamentals. This time, we delve deeper and cover more advanced concepts and calculations like win rates, position sizing and trade expectancy.
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11 minutes
Chapter 5
On Margin Trading
Margin trading lets you trade with a lot more money than you own. This lesson explains how to use this tool effectively and without taking on too much risk. We cover margin calls, leverage, liquidation value and more.
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Chapter 6
Slippage, Liquidity, Volume
To close out the beginner-level module on risk management, this lesson covers 3 important concepts: slippage, liquidity and volume.
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